Canova Hall | Brixton, London

As a SW London girl, I love discovering new venues on my doorstep and Canova Hall in Brixton is no exception.

Brixton has never disappointed when looking for a lively yet down-to-earth vibe, but in that same vein it’s never been somewhere I’d really dress up too much for.

Well, this has changed since last week, in the midst of Brixtons gig-focused crowds and cleared up market stalls I found Canova Hall. Perfectly designed to sit within the vintage culture, but with an up-market edge to it that I enjoyed until late into the night. This spot is definitely worthy of red lips and heels.


The Set Up

Think retro dance hall, with booths and a grand bar. Add exposed ceilings, filament bulbs, adorable lampshades and you’re…actually probably still not even close to the beauty and quirk of the design in Canova Hall! The place is stunningly designed (by Red Deer). And it’s huge – but with the quaint booths it’s easy to feel you have the place to  yourself. 

The Food

Exceptional. We were bought tasters and after realising how much our mouths were watering whenever the waiter stepped away, we naughtily each asked to sneakily squirrel away some extras each time – one little morsel was never enough. Gosh it was good, I’d go back for the food alone.

The Extras

Ok this might seem a little odd,  but I know I’m not alone in believing that a lot about a venue’s bathroom facilities can say a lot about the place itself. At Canova Hall, they have some of the coolest I’ve ever seen! Beautifully ornate and quaint rooms, with a foot pedal to run the tap water and a huge trough-like sink. Nip down if you visit, it’s worth it. 

Also, their signature Canova Espresso Martinis. After an evening on wine and prosecco we wanted something a little sweet to end on and this was recommended by the barman. It had a hazelnut twist that I wasn’t sure I’d like, but with the crunchy toppings added too it was like a desert. Perfect way to end the evening.

So, go here. Go here and drink enough Canova Espresso Martini’s that you simply must nip to the ladies (or gents) and see for yourself what a little gem I’ve found! Find out more here.

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