MOMMI | Clapham High Street, London

Apologies if I’m years late to the party here but…until last week I’d not heard the culinary term ‘Nikkei’ and, evidently, I’ve been missing out!

MOMMI on Clapham High Street is not only a little bit of a Nikkei gem but also perfect for coeliacs (we’ve all got that one friend…), so whoever thought no gluten = no flavour, WRONG! (Also, I’ve just discovered they deliver so…gaaaame chaaaaanger)

Nikkei cuisine was born as a result of the fusion of Japanese recipes and traditions with Peruvian ingredients. I’ve typically grouped this sort of food as ‘fusion’ but having eaten out at MOMMI last week, I’ve found it has its own very unique style. A style I want more of!

The restaurant oozes a wonderfully chilled vibe from the moment you step inside, which sits in harmony with the format of eating too. The menu is simple; despite having to google most words on the menu (!) – if you’re really not sure what to pick you can simply select a ‘column’ which ultimately works out as a taster course. The food comes as and when it’s ready, and we were ready and waiting for each course with our chopsticks poised!

I sometimes find sharing food a little awkward as I eat at roughly twice the speed of most of my friends and therefore feel that uncomfortable dilemma about whether I’ve gone for more than my fair share (but equally don’t want to miss out if they simply weren’t that hungry so were leaving it on purpose) – this was fortunately NOT an issue. The courses were humongous, but also fresh and healthy so it was fairly guilt-free eating. 

I specifically said ‘fairly’ guilt free because despite bulging at the seams, as soon as I saw the pudding menu I couldn’t resist this absolute beaut.

A perfect finisher before heading out into the fresh outdoors for the short stroll home.



MOMMI, I’ll be back!

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