Today is ‘National Fried Chicken Day’ (in the US) – WHAT A TIME TO BE ALIVE! In the run up to this majestic day, I was kindly invited to Stagolees, in Fulham where they were celebrating ‘real deal’ Southern American cuisine, complete with smooth bourbons, moonshine cocktails and Southern chicken staples.  This sounded like a lot of fun!

We were welcomed with Espresso Moontini’s, Stagolee’s exceptional take on a classic, before Head Chef and Tennessee native, Ashley James, joined us in the restaurant to tell us more about her story and why she was here to delivery authentic Southern American joy.

She told us of the soulfulness of cooking passed from her Grandma, and of the decor that was reminiscent of where her grandparents would have dined – exposed brick, dim lighting and a buzzy atmosphere.

Her stories really brought the food to life and seemed to add more flavour and colour to the food.

Stagolees opened two and a half months ago; inspired by Southern american food that simply wasn’t available here in the UK.

If we think of american food it’s often huge portions just for one. Whilst Stagolees do still offer mouth-watering, huge portions of fried chicken too, these are intended to be shared family-style. As tray after tray of food came to our table – mac and cheese, fried chicken, corn bread, smoked vegetables, to name just a few – Steph and I dug in hungrily, sharing the food between us whilst still filling our plates.

Even as we were still piling in mouthful after mouthful, telling each other we really had to stop as we were so full, we couldn’t help but have “just a little bit more”. It was so delicious. In particular, the cool carrot and sweetcorn alongside the punchy hot chicken, and of course, the creamy, cheesy macaroni cheese.

We have vowed to go back again soon but this time will go with even emptier stomachs to make sure we have space to try a little bit of everything!

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