Pie and cider tasting at The Stable, Kew Bridge.

I’ve found the best pie in London!

It was the best pie I’ve EVER had.

Bold statement for a bold pie.

The other week, I headed to The Stable beside Kew Bridge. The location couldn’t be more convenient from the office and what made this venue even more fun than your usual restaurant was that we did cider tasting at the same time. My fellow tastees of choice were two work mates, but we all agreed this would make for quite a fun date. The atmosphere is perhaps lacking a little cosiness but you soon forget about that as you tuck into your assorted cider-tasting-paddle.

Before our pie arrived, we were served up two 5-glass cider tasting boards. These ranged from sweet to dry, fizzy (?) to flat, yellow to red colour (and every shade in between), as well as ranging from 4% to 7.5% proof!

We immediately got to work reviewing and assessing the ciders; becoming instant cider-experts in a matter of minutes. We had cheesy garlic bread (pizza style) to accompany this which was probably a good idea as it slightly slowed us down. We were on a mission to give these ciders accurate reviews and the regular ‘little sips’ meant we were pacing through them!

Fortunately, halfway through our tasting, out came our pies. It had taken me no time at all to order: The Lamb Bam Boogie; a lamb pie with rosemary, garlic-potato and honey tasted every bit as good as it sounds. The pie crust was melt-in-the-mouth pastry and so, so delicious. I think it’s a part of the pie that is often overlooked; yet pastry is 100% the reason I’d choose a pie over another food option!

Steph and Garry went for The Wild Rooster; a chicken, gammon and leek pie with a thyme crust. They were equally delighted and I have my eye on it for my next visit; mainly due to the thyme addition to that all-important pie crust.  

Safe to say there wasn’t even a crumb left behind on our pie boards.

We soon continued to over-excitedly rate our ciders and agreed that we’d order a pint each of our favourite 2 when we finished rating. Conveniently this turned out to be the most potent two on the menu; Lilley’s Beesting (not Lilly’s Beef Ring as we mistook it for most of the evening..) and the Thistly Cross.

I have never particularly enjoyed cider (growing up I thought it tasted like banana…yep, wrong fruit. Idiot.) but this was a real eye-opener; trying a cider that had been stored in whisky container (my favourite), another fizzy-type one and a strawberry delight that tasted more like a cordial; amongst many others. It’s really challenged my bar beliefs.

Safe to say that we will be back for more pie and cider very soon!

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