Celebrity Cruises | Day 5 | Mykonos, Greece

I don’t know how to put into words how much I love Mykonos!

I feel as though cruising can be a little bit like watching the trailers of films; and this is one we want to see the whole movie for. Clem and I have agreed we HAVE to come back for longer than a day.

We began by getting a transfer from the port in Mykonos to Elia Beach. We were treated to a series of ‘Dad jokes’ from our over-energetic transfer host for the duration of the ride and about 20 minutes later pulled up alongside the sand. I have to confess, we were really quite hungover so couldn’t wait to get off the bus! …the blue sea and white sand that stretched out ahead of us was the most beautiful sight!

In the summer time this beach would have been absolutely heaving but we couldn’t have been happier with the May temperature and cool breeze.

We quickly found ourselves a couple of chairs and spotted the ‘call’ button on the umbrella pole. If we’d have had more time on our hands I think we could have had a lot of fun with our beachside-cocktails-on-demand! Instead, with only 3 hours before we’d be picked up, we grabbed a light lunch before immersing ourselves in our books.

We’d worried that 3 hours wouldn’t be long enough and that we’d want to stay longer, but being quite active people we can usually only manage a few hours of sun worship before we get fidgety. With about an hour to go, our restless legs took us strolling through the clear water and across the white sand.

Our return bus (along with Mr Jack Black and his ‘comedy show’ again…) arrived bang on 13:15 and we were whisked away to Mykonos town. The coach station is a short walk from the main town itself, which gives you the opportunity to capture the beauty of the white-washed buildings from across the harbour. 

Once in the town, you could get absolutely lost in the streets; all virtually identical with their white-washed walls and blue detail. Every colour set against this backdrop just pops in the most magnificent way.

Without intention, we soon found ourselves on the other side of the town; realising that it’s even smaller than we’d imagined. From this side the houses appear to drop into the water; with every shade of blue jumping out ahead of you. 

Our lunch stop was this beautiful flower-adorned courtyard restaurant. Of course I went straight for the cheese and pastry option – two of my favourite combos; warm and gooey with honey drizzled over the top. So, so good. I could live in Greece for the food alone!

Mykonos is expensive – the shops are mostly designer and the nicer restaurants we found were pricier than we’d seen in our previous stops but we just loved it. We were lucky with the time of year, because although the narrow streets meant there was a lot of squeezing past people, this isn’t even peak season – more people and more heat would probably taint this place for me so whilst we’re desperate to come again, we think May would be the perfect time for a longer trip.

Grab your beach bag, a good book and your passport and get yourself along to Mykonos! You will not regret it!

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