Valentine’s Day treats for meeee!

Despite being promised a quick fix, two weeks after the operation on my calves I was still feeling a little sorry for myself, being unable to properly walk and with cramps coming and going through my legs. I was pointed in the direction of the Debenham ‘Gifts for her‘ range and decided to treat myself, as some TLC seemed exactly what the doctor ordered.

As it’s close to 14th February, my gifts arrived beautifully wrapped and Valentine’s themed. They were also perfectly timed for my pre-night out prep!

My lovely pink present contained a Ted Baker silk gown, bubbles (of course) with lovely champagne flutes to sip from, a perfume and make up. No mistaking this box was for a girl!

My housemate and I had a house party to prepare for, and we’ll never say no to bubbles, so wasted no time cracking open the bottle…

The added pink tint made the glass (or four…) even more enjoyable and it didn’t last long. The jazzy bottle also doubles up as an effective candle stick holder!

Usually when I’m getting ready for a night out, I wear very casual clothes, but there was something extra nice about wearing something silky to prance around in while applying mascara and spritzing Flowerbomb by Viktor Rolf at myself. Although a little on the cold front for this time of year, it made the getting ready experience feel more glamorous (something I rarely experience!), plus the flowery pattern is really pretty. The perfume is a good scent for summer, as it has a very girly, fruity fragrance. The geometric bottle is cute…and pink, of course. I’m usually more of a floral fan but my housemate got one whiff of this one and adores it. Something for everyone!

So thank you to Debenhams for making me feel like a pink princess for an evening. It’s made me think that every week should have a treat day  (and you can, with their fab hand-picked range here!). Happy Valentine’s weekend – enjoy your romantic (or otherwise!) celebrations. Cheers! xx


    • Thanks so much! Yes do – the silk Ted Baker dressing gown actually isn’t as soft as you’d think but I was in Debenhams at the weekend and you MUST have a feel of the velvety one. It is SUBLIME!

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