Unbox The City: London

A few weeks ago, Watchshop invited me to be a part of their ‘Unbox The City‘ project. They asked for a video showing off the favourite parts of my city and despite having never edited video before it seemed like a great opportunity to give it a go; whilst also immersing myself in London life a little more than I’ve been doing recently.

Here’s my vid of how I got on…

With bestie / housemate / cousin Anna, we began with brunch at Sea Containers, between Blackfriars and Waterloo. The grim weather gave us a great people-watching opportunity from our warm, riverside table, as we watched Londoners walking along the Thames waterside battling with the elements.

The London tube network can often over-complicate how to get from A to B, and certainly in central London it’s oftenn really only a moments walk from one great place to another. So, we were glad when the weather cleared up enough for us to take a stroll along the river, across Millennium bridge to St Paul’s Cathedral. From here, we headed back along Fleet Street to Somerset House where we were able to enjoy Skate at Somerset House. There are new pop ups and activities in London every day, and Somerset House is certainly a great starting point for new exhibitions and galleries.

Following the river, and enjoying the views that bridges over the River Thames offer, we nipped back over Waterloo Bridge. Enjoying our Saturday morning amble perhaps far too much, we then made our way through Battersea Park before looping back over Albert Bridge. This is one of my favourite bridges in London as it has huge support beams lit by bright lights that remind me of what you’d see around a professional make up mirror. I professed my disappointment at the lights not being turned on, and at that exact moment, as if by magic, they came alight! So wonderful! (Sadly not caught on camera – that would have been really lucky!)

From here, via The Kings Road, we headed to the Natural History Museum to see the Wildlife Photographer of the Year exhibition. It’s open until mid September but you’ll need to book in advance. Entry to the Museum itself is free, so it’s worth allowing enough time for a stroll around as well as time for the exhibition.

It wasn’t long before the announcement came that it was time to leave the museum, so we retraced our steps back to Battersea to get ready for our night out. We then took an uber (with an excitable driver, and great music!) to a club in town to finish up a long day on our feet. Safe to say Sunday was a much more sofa-bound affair after that!

What would you have ‘unboxed’ in London, or your own city?



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