Jo’s Hen do: Snowdon

Hen parties are usually something kept fairly hush hush, but Jo wanted something active and outdoorsy with her huge clan of buddies, so we went outside and we went big. Definitely a weekend to share!

(…and roughly 6 months later, I finally got round to it. Sorry for the delay Jo!)

In August 2016, we congregated in a remote set of cottages in Wales.
Where, precisely, you ask? I believe it’s Clin-ginn-with in Clanidoyth?… (Glyngynwydd in Llanidloes). A lot of cl’s and th’s.

On the Saturday morning, in proper adventure style, we set off early doors to Pen-Y-Pass car park to begin the Miners’ Trek up to Snowdon. The forecast had been absolutely brutal, and we’re not experienced walkers so I began to worry I’d made the WORST decision ever when planning this. But, from the moment sun rose it was the most GLORIOUS day!

Growing up, Jo’s favourite colour was lime green – which should explain the luminous headbands adorning our troop. These were one of the most useful part of the walk as no matter where the 16 of us were spread across the mountain, we were all easy to pick out amongst the bank holiday masses.

With a mix of abilities, we took a steady pace, but it was still easily doable up and back within 5 hours, even with prosecco loaded into rucksacks and a good few selfie stops.

Despite so many comments on the way up along the lines of, “Gosh your hen must HATE you!” we were still grinning at the top, and all successful made it without any dramas. Excellent! It was much colder though, so after quickly smashing through our bottles of prosecco, we turned and headed back down.

From the top, we took the Pyg trail back down to the car park, just in time to meet our taxi drivers for the 2 hour return home.

Later that evening, with Jo in Mum’s old wedding dress, we kept legs moving back at the cottages.


Being a bank holiday we still had another day to go, which began with a treasure hunt team challenge but the highlight was the absolutely stunning surprise picnic and prosecco spot we found. Under the very vague directions of our host, we headed into the woods where she promised us we’d find great views.

The more we walked, the less certain we grew, but, pretending I knew what I was doing, I urged us on..

Up, up, and up we went. Climbing over fallen barbed wire we continued up into a field as directed. I ran ahead to scout it out, excited by the views I could see unveiling

As cries came from further down the field about not wanting to continue I yelled back, “you HAVE to see this!”

It was PERFECT! Worth all the ruined flip flops and muddy toes!

Absolute bliss. Probably one of the top 10 places I’ve sat enjoying prosecco!

Then, as the sun was setting, we left our stunning spot to make our way back to the campfire.

Toasted Marshmallows, campfire fancy dress and smokey flames as our chilled ending to the exhausting weekend.

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