The Lodge is here to stay!

I can’t tell you how excited I was when an email popped into my inbox last week saying, “The Lodge Is Here to Stay”


A year ago I desperately wanted to try out The Lodge pop up restaurant in Balham, with its alpine ski-lodge style setting, cheese fondue and hot, wintery drinks…what more could you ask for on a cold winters evening?! Unfortunately though, I wasn’t the only person who thought this sounded like THE. BEST. THING. EVER, and within just days of opening it had been fully booked through to its final date.

I was devastated.

…until…I found out it was opening again for 2015 in a new Clapham venue, hurraaaay! Not only did I manage to get a reservation this time, we managed to get our entire hockey team booked into a private room for our Christmas Dinner!


It was exactly what I’d expected and more, so I am over the moon that they have decided to permanently throw open their doors! They promise to keep us “warm during the cold winter nights with hot cocktails and delicious fondue” and when the sun comes out they’ve got a whole heap of surprises up their fur-lined sleeves.

I’ve shared a few snaps of my Christmas do to give you an idea of what you can expect for the cold start of the year, and I’ll no doubt be back there in a few months to take a look at their Spring offering too!

The atmosphere
It’s every bit as magical as being in a little wooden chalet, with fleecy rugs, glowing candles and quaint wooden signs all around.

image image image


The drinks
Upon arrival, I seated my ‘limited edition’ self down right in the middle of the table. A great spot to ensure steaming mulled wine top-ups from both ends of the table 😉


The mulled wine and mulled cider came in thermos flasks but amongst my hockey girls that wasn’t really necessary as it never lasted long enough to put the lid back on.


The food

The charcuterie was fantastic – a great array and generous portions, which is important when you’re sharing to ensure there’s plenty to go around.
image image

Then the key player came out.

No, not Jen


Hello, hello, hello cheese fond-oooooh!

Cheesey cheesey cheese. With dipping bread and potatoes.  So good.

Also a great way to build atmosphere whilst we dropped our bread, drizzled our cheese and generally got more and more raucous. 


Overall, The Lodge gets a firm thumbs up. The atmosphere is just awesome, and the staff are so attentive and helpful making it impossible not to come away feeling totally relaxed…and perhaps a tad drunk, too (after all, twas the season to be jolly…)
On Sunday’s they’re introducing ‘Apres Ski Sunday Fundays’ – vintage ski ware, bottomless prosecco and compulsory dancing on tables, and every Tuesday you’ll get a glass of wine and a digestif with every fondue you order (quote ‘Fonduesdays’ in your booking)
Happy, happy days!

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