1. Get a boat.

2. Get 120 of your best friends.

3. Have an EPIC party on the Thames.



For my (our?) birthday party, Jo and I decided to host a boat party.

Other than a loose dress code of ‘regatta’ and an optional ‘headwear’ theme, it was a very casual and relaxed affair. A few of us became a bit of a tourist attraction in our own right as we waited for everyone to arrive from work on Friday night; largely because we started a little singalong in our wigs. One group were even about to throw money in one of the hats we had left out (I’d brought about 20 to give out on the boat) on the ground and I can’t think why I stopped them – my street performance could have paid for my booze all evening 😉


We gathered the troops just outside Tower Pier, near Tower Bridge, and opened copious bottles of prosecco to set the mood before we boarded our vessel

Wonderful Ange made us the most gorgeous nautical cupcakes. Plus some special birthday ones for us 2. They were divine, and went a small way towards balancing out the effect of the Prosecco (for some more than others)B

We boarded the boat, hurrying along the latecomers as we had a strict departure time of 21:00 (and would be fined it we waited any longer) and raced to the top deck! From here on, it’s all a bit of a blur, but I’ve salvaged a bunch of photos to share as much of the evening as I can remember!

One of my favourite bridges, Tower Bridge, was lit up in all its glory and made a beautiful backdrop to a LOT of photos, as did many other London landmarks.
C D D1 D2^ This fam photo was one of the few pics I actually featured in once we came aboard as I was so busy rushing around trying to see EVERYONE on board. I had so many favourite people in one place, it was BRILLIANT!

It was a gorgeously warm evening, so most people congregated on the top deck where there was only an occasional breeze…!

And when it did get too chilly, everyone made their way downstairs to the dance floor and threw moves around for the remainder of the evening. 
FI couldn’t believe it when we moored up at Westminster Pier at the end of the evening. It was over far too soon and I would love to do it all over again.

Oh well…maybe next year?



If you want to do it yourself, I would recommend booking through Thames Leisure onto the “River Cruiser ‘William B'”

For 100 people it cost me £20pp for boat hire, security and an extra drop off half way through, but for a little more money you could hire a DJ and have food provided too. They were really easy to work with and quick to respond to any queries so I’d highly recommend them.




  1. Thanks for sharing. I have been looking at the perfect party for my wives 30th birthday. I really like how you all took a boat around the bay. That sound like it is so awesome. I think my wife would love it. I will have to look into what it will take to get a party done on a boat.

  2. Thanks for the fun guide. I’ve been thinking about hosting a birthday party for my sister on a party boat, and wanted to learn more about it. I’ll be sure that we float past some of her favorite destinations in the area. That way it could be a memory she could remember for a long time.

    • Yes I’d definitely recommend it! If you get the right company you can be quite specific with what you request to visit, although it can depend on the tide to an extent.

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