Vodka Melonade Cocktail Recipe

Entertaining this weekend? Read on.

How great is cold watermelon on a hot day?!

Rhetorical question. It’s obviously incredible.

Now imagine this tasty & nutritious thirst quencher in cocktail form.


Even more obviously incredible.

Yep, I’ve taken cooling watermelon to a whole new level with my crisp and cooling Vodka Melonade cocktail recipe. NB: If you’re not good with booze on hot days, it can just as easily be enjoyed as a delicious mocktail if you omit the spirits.

– Watermelon
– Vodka
– Ice cubes
Probably best if I let you select your own spirit quantities, but as a guideline one large half-watermelon serves 6 people so that should give you an idea of how much alcohol to use per half-melon.

Optional extras:
– Straws and cocktail umbrellas
– Other spirits. Malibu works surprisingly well if you like a sweet cocktail.

Directions: (skip to the step-by-step photos below if you’re more of a visual learner)
1. Cut watermelon in half.
2. Scoop insides into a large bowl – pips and all, they’ll all blend.
3. Put a few ice cubes into a blender with a handful of watermelon and blitz. Don’t underestimate the ice cubes – if you just use watermelon, the blades just slice through the bottom watermelon and nothing else gets blended, but the ice cubes get thrown around by the blades and, in turn, whiz the watermelon around too.
4. Pour into empty watermelon half and repeat steps above until you fill your watermelon (there’ll likely be leftovers as the watermelon froths and, of course, you’ve added extra ice each time you blend).
5. Throw in some ice cubes for ice-cool consumption.
6. Add your spirits, pop in straws and cocktail umbrellas and serve with a ladle to spoon into large glasses.

Step-by-step in photos:





Best served in the sunshine and consumed while still cold. image





Enjoy! xx


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