Arbonne Party – Kickstarting my skincare routine

I am a little self conscious about my complexion and, although I probably have very little to worry about, I cover any concerns up with a good dollop of concealer and a sweep of foundation to be on the safe side. That awful moment when you catch those eye bags or red beacon of a newly emerging blemish or spot can cause a confidence calamity! I wear makeup for most of my day, 7 days a week – for hockey, going for a run and every single day at work. I justify that ‘it helps me wake up’, but, whilst it probably does give me a bit of a morning boost it’s more likely due to associating the habit of prodding myself in the eye with my mascara brush with my morning routine than making me any more fresh and alert.

Strangely though, despite my concerns, I’ve never managed to settle into a good skin routine. So, I was delighed when I was invited to an ‘Arbonne Party’ the other day for a chance to try-before-I-buy ‘green’ skincare products, with the help of a consultant to offer advice on what my routine should be.



With added temptation of prosecco and nibbles on offer, I arrived at Ange’s house where I was promptly handed bubbles before taking my seat beside some of my best mates (important factor when about to scrub your face clean of make up!), a flannel and a bowl of warm water. Besides being one of my best mates, Ange is also one of THE best hosts, so I instantly felt a relaxed calm wash over me as she passed around nibbles, face towels and saw to it that everyone’s glasses remained topped up.

Once settled, Arbonne consultant, Bronwen, began talking us through the ethos of the skincare brand. Switzerland-based Arbonne offer products that are created based on botanical principals. The products are sold via pyramid-scheme parties, whereby a consultant works with a party host to run free events for groups of friends just like us. There is no pressure to buy, but after an evening of pampering it is tricky to say no to these gorgeous products! If you don’t want to buy you’ve still had a bit of a giggle, a few drinks and some grub. Win win!

I bravely agreed to snap my way through the process, although must confess that I’d, by chance, popped a spray of fake tan on my cheeks the day before, so my pre and post makeup faces look far fresher than I’d anticipated! Let’s put that all down to the powers of Arbonne…

We went through 6 steps of cleansing products before trying out various makeups. I’ve kept the descriptions simple as products tend to react so differently to varying skin types, and product ranges will suit different skin, so I’d urge you to get along to (or host!) a party to see and test drive the products for yourself. You also wouldn’t be expected to buy the products from every stage of the process – but this gave us a chance to try out new ideas and new ways of cleansing/protecting/nurturing our skin.

Step 1: Get Ready. Hair swept off face, it was time to get rid of all that horrid make up! (NB: I’d not discovered Arbonne’s makeup Primer at this point, so most of my day’s makeup had fallen off!)



Step 2: The Face Wash. Wash face with cleanser + toner then splash clean, avoiding using index fingers around eyes as apparently we’re a little too rough and ready with our pointing fingers.



Step 3: The Scrub. It’s all natural but turned most of us a pinky red shade so for the sake of my unwilling volunteers I’ve taken the colour out the pics!



Step 4: The Face Mask. And strawberries for extra je ne sais quoi, if you’re short of cucumber…



Step 5: The Face Spritz. It comes as a bit of a shock out the bottle, but is delightfully refreshing.


Step 6: The Neck Moisturiser. Use the back of your hands to sweep it up your neck, getting a nice even coverage and giving your hands some good treatment too.  Try to avoid puuuuurrring along with your new feline tendancies.


All done! Fresh-faced, grinning from champagne, strawberries and wonderful company, and ready to tuck into bed and let the night cream do it’s thaaang!



I did then sit down with Bronwen to discuss my skin problems and needs, and we settled on two ‘must-have’ products. I’ve had them about a month now and really pleased with them so here are my reviews:


1. Purifying Cleanser + Toner: Really light and gentle on my skin, but feels as though it gives a really deep clean. Skin is left smooth without feeling overly dry (like with some harsh products), or, conversely, oily like some moisturising products do for me. It leaves my skin feeling primed for either a night moisturiser or for the start of my daytime make up routine. A really lovely product.

2. Makeup Primer: This is fantastic. BUT I must mention that it is also the first primer I’ve ever used and I may just be being blown away by the concept. This primer is really light and glides on so nicely after moisturising, but then creates a base layer for my foundation or blush so that it stays there all day. I used to find I had to re-touch my make up between a day at work and dinner out afterwards, but this primer works wonders meaning I can just add a new lick of eyeliner and I’m good to go. Saves carrying makeup bags around all day. Very pleased with it.


You can discover more about Arbonne here. To book your own ultimate facial workshop in South London & earn a free gift for hosting when your friends order any products DO get in touch with Bronwen via her website & quote Bonnie in the message to be entered into a prize draw for an extra gift!

If you have any Arbonne fave products to recommend, I’d love to hear. Comment in the box below!





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