A Caffeine Fix: Nespresso Coffee Machine with Aeroccino

Aaah, coffee.

It really does kick-start my day.

I didn’t even realise how important it was to me until I came across this whizzy little gadget at work and fell instantly in love with the resulting cappuccino experience.


There are hundreds of coffee machines out there, so it’s tricky to know where to begin – so much so, that I’d almost given up on the idea entirely.

That is, until the “Nespresso U Coffee Machine with Aeroccino by KRUPS” came into my life. Long name but can’t be shortened as the KRUPS Aeroccino is every bit as impressive and important as the coffee-making parts.

I cannot recommend this little baby enough.

Not only is it so quick and easy to use for your coffee fix, but it has THE MILK FROTHER OF DREAMS.


^ This was made in my very own kitchen!

To think you could have something as magical as this, without leaving the house, and whilst still in your flipping pyjamas is something of a triumph, don’t you think?!

TO — USE: 

1. Fill the water pot up and place a Nespresso capsule in the slot at the top.

image image

2. Place a mug beneath the spout, slide the lid across the top and it’ll set off doing it’s thaaang. (No man-power required other than a little ‘boop’ of the slidey lid. BOOP.)

image  image3. (I am, of course, assuming you want a cappuccino – did you SEE my froth pic?! but if you’re happy with an esspresso you just go on right ahead and drink that bad boy. All done in 2 steps. Winner. Cappucino lovers, read on…) To get the froth, pour milk into the frother (my general rule of thumb is to pour until half way up the black nobble on top of the whisk part – it’ll make sense when you see it!) and press the button.

For best effects, pour the milk into the coffee as SOON as the red light goes off on the gizmo (again, this’ll all make immediate sense once you’re standing in front of it), otherwise the froth and milk sort of separate and it doesn’t pour out so well.

image image

Dust with a sprinkling of chocolate powder, if you’re that way inclined.



And enjoy whilst hot!


P.S. … if you’re quiet, take your time and look veeeeeery closely and veeeery imaginatively, you can just about spot the rare giraffe turtle lurking in there too. Oh heeeey Mr Giraffe-turtle. Boop!
image  image

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