Springing up in the Suffolk Countryside

It’s spring in the countryside, would you believe it!

Or at least, it is if the sight of it is enough to go by.

In London, the seasons blend together and you barely notice when one ends and the next begins

Out in the country it’s a whole new ball game, as the entire landscape beings to load up with colour. Like a paint-by-numbers painting, the colourful picture develops more and more each day as buds spring open into a rainbow of colour-splashes.

I was there for the weekend so donned my boots and headed out (with my camera, of course) to explore the new flowers that the sun had encouraged out into the open.


The snowdrops were scattered across my parents garden, interspersed with gorgeous purple crocuses. Even daffodils had begun to flower (although most were still tucked away in their leafy-green hood for a little longer).






It’s funny the things you notice when you finally get out of the City for a bit and escape the London pavements. The dewy, untouched grass was absolutely gorgeous, and the damp droplets glistened in the sun. This must have been the first time I’ve found beauty in grass!




I continued my rounds of the garden, picking up a treat or two along the way. IMG_1541

Ok, seriously…JUST LOOK AT THE SIZE OF THIS APPLE! Woah Mumma, that is a corker.



When I got back to the house everyone was up and about and ready to tackle the ‘Creek walk’, so we set off beyond the boundary of the garden for even more exploring.

It was a little less like spring out by ‘The Creek,’ with very little colour and a LOT of water. So much so that we had to wade across the recently flooded fields, but had great fun slipping and sliding in our wellies! It’s a walk we used to do when I was a kid with any guests who came to stay. It takes in fields, woodland and the river wall, and can be extended slightly to include the local pub if needs be, so it’s got quite some appeal! I still do the loop whenever I go back to visit my parents, and never get bored of it.












I’m so lucky to be able to call this home, and have it just a quick drive from London.

Does anyone have any recommendations for ‘finding spring’ in London? The sun is definitely brightening, but it still looks a little grey on my commute..!


B xx





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