Food, Glorious Food!


I ate SO incredibly (badly) this week.

I loved every second, but it’s put me into fitness overdrive this week in a desperate bid to try and burn off the horrendous amount of calories consumed in the space of just 6 days.

Apologies for the over-kill on food posts lately. I will go back to a broader spectrum of lifestyle, travel etc very soon – but I may as well pause the food chat with a BANG…

TUESDAY BREAKFAST: Red Velvet Pancakes

I began my day faced with a large bowl of pancake mix (writing a blog for work), which soon turned into a giant heap of red, warm pancakes. I can hardly be blamed for testing them out along the way…



THURSDAY LUNCH: Burrata and Potato Pizza at Pizza East

Pizza East in Portobello is one of my favourite guilty-pleasure-lunch spots near work. It is always heaving so you must book in advance, but once you’re in there’s absolutely no rush or pressure to finish up, so you can soak up the bustling ambience while you enjoy your freshly prepared food. The kitchen is open-plan so you can watch said fresh food being whipped up right before you – and it is just superb.

As much as I do believe ‘variety is the spice of life’, I ordered the exact same choice as I’d had last time I visited, because it is – quite simply – the best meal I’ve had in the area.

I started with a huge portion of burrata – fresh, creamy mozzarella – with deliciously rich extra virgin olive oil ladled across the top and rosemary-laced bread on the side, it was one of life’s great pleasures.

Just looking at the picture now I want to eat it off the screen. G’uuuggghhhhhhhh


Following the creamy starter, I went on to a creamy-based ‘potato pizza’ –  heritage potato, puzzone and rosemary. Whoever came up with this combination of carbs-on-carbs is my hero. I ate it too quickly to really take time to understand what makes it so special, although I think the cheese is an integral addition to the pizza, along with the kick of rosemary – but to base a pizza entirely around a simple spud is just stupendous.


THURSDAY DINNER: Gingerline Jubilee

On Thursday I headed out for a secret food and art fusion evening. Gingerline is a clandestine dining adventure operating in secret and changing locations along the London rail network. We awaited our text on the evening of the pre-booked event, and with an hour to go were sent the details of our dining location. We followed mysterious clues which lead us to a black door and in we stepped – into a whole world, created just for this event.

It is all very secretive and I cannot reveal any further details of the evening online, but needless to say, I feasted. What I will say, is that it was a fantastic evening of food, entertainment and intrigue, and you should definitely sign up to take part!




The previous evening had included far more bubbles and cocktails than I’d really prepared myself for, and as such, a treat from the work canteen was in order. That is all.



Mum and Dad were in town for the weekend, so after a quick tipple at Gordon’s Wine Bar (London’s oldest wine bars and one of both mine and Dad’s very favourite haunts in London) we headed to Quaglino’s in the heart of Mayfair.

From the moment we walked into the huge ballroom-style venue, we were waited on hand and foot. The whole place has a total wow-factor and the decor is stunning. This had given me the impression that I’d chosen an extremely extravagant dinner-option, and although I was pleasantly surprised to see that although it was not reflected in the (very reasonable) prices, it certainly ticked all the boxes for flavour and presentation of food.

All our meals were sublime – served on large white plates, with detail of flavour that was just. so. good. My steak with fois gras was one of the most delicious things I can recall eating in quite some time.


IMG_2167^ Clockwise from left: Salt marsh lamb rump, Saffron risotto, Fillet steak “rossini” wtih fois gras, Highland wild red deer.IMG_2168^ Delicious dessert selection, but make sure you wait for them to return after they first lay your plate to allow them to pour the sweet sauces across the top. It would be embarassing to have already tucked in when they return with the sauce. Wouldn’t it, Charlie?


Nothing glamorous about this one, but having played a morning hockey match, raced back from deepest Surrey to Fulham for a football match (I’m an Ipswich fan through and through, although it just comes out a little bit more than normal when we’re in the promotion zone and it’s nearing the end of the season!) which included a 20 minute run from parking in Putney, I was absolutely STARVING. And sometimes that’s when food tastes its best, no matter what it is!! (Well, winning also makes things taste good ;))



SATURDAY EVENING: Ribs at Wildwood

I’ve had food envy since last Saturday’s dinner so there was only ever going to be one option for my dinner: Ribs.

Tender, meaty goodness smothered in barbeque sauce, with a side of sweet-potato fries.

Happy Valentine’s day to me.



SUNDAY SNACK: The piece-de-resistance-chocolate-brownie

Look at these brownies.

Just look at them.

Oh. my. goodness. Yes they are as good as they look!

But…I can’t share the recipe as I didn’t make it – Clare did, and she keeps the top-secret-recipe very much top secret.

I ate 4.




And that was my week. Tuesday to Sunday indulgence of epic proportions.

Mostly this week I shall be running. If you need to catch me, don your trainers and find me in a park, no doubt still trying to burn through Thursday’s burrata, let alone Sunday’s brownies…


Gotta run…







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