Fi’s Hen Weekend | Centerparcs Sherwood Forest

There’s definitely a degree to which ‘what goes on a hen do stays on a hen do’ so I wont give everything away…But, to keep memories stored in my little corner of the web (to refer back to in many years time, no doubt), here’s a quick scan of our weekend in the woods in celebration of Fi’s imminent marriage.

This weekend I headed ‘op north’ with the girls, to join Fi for her hen do in Centerparcs, Sherwood Forest. It was a long drive from London but 2 hours of ‘beat the intro’ kept us alert and awake – a TOP recommendation for long car journeys. (NB: make sure you’ve got spotify then select pre-loaded albums that reflect your group of friends, such as “best of the 90s” to add some ‘blast from the past’ excitement)

I wasn’t sure what to expect from Centerparcs, and as a result had packed everything from heels to snowboots – bit of a squish in the Mini, sorry girls! Turns out, all you really need is some snug and comfy clothes and a sturdy pair of shoes and you’re good to go! From the moment we drove onto the complex (vast mass of trees, with the occasional path woven through) we were ‘at one with nature’. The villas are tucked away amongst the undergrowth, each barely visible from the partnering villa, so you feel hidden away and secluded.

The villas were beautifully kept and modern, so having extracted ourselves from the car, we raced to the villa, kicked off our shoes and started our weekend!IMG_9430

The Friday night was casual and relaxed, with party games and drinking games, and the usual chatting you’d expect from friends who have lots to catch up on. As the hours ticked by and light eventually threatened to sneak through our woody surrounds, we crawled into the deliciously comfortable beds for deep (read: drunk) sleeps!

We then began the next day with little ‘wife gifts’ for Fi, and a gorgeous home-made book with messages, photos and well-wishes for the gorgeous bride-to-be. There wasn’t a dry eye in sight! (Even from me, and I don’t even cry in My Girl)


IMG_1470Our tree-climbing adventures had been cancelled for Saturday, leaving us with the full day ahead to get up to mischief.

Fortunately we managed to change our booking to the Aqua Sana Spa to keep us in line.


From the moment we walked through the doors we were definitely too chilled to cause any trouble. We donned our robes and set off into the huge spa, where we dispersed into all sorts of fancy rooms. From intense and fragranced steam rooms, to the aptly-named ‘tepidarium’ it wasn’t much of a surprise we barely saw each other! Whilst a couple of us were swimming through the large, heated outdoor pool, others were tipping buckets of icey water over their heads or steaming away the previous night’s sins from their pores.


I, on the other hand, found somewhere really rather special. Falling asleep on a heated waterbed seems quite an expensive use of £42 but you CANNOT judge me until you’ve tried to stay awake there. Warm, cuddly heat seeps through your soft white robe as you’re encased in the sound of whales and running water…gosh, my eyes are feeling heavy at the thought…

Basically, it was brilliant.


To shake us awake a bit it was then time for some healthy competition.

The bowling was great fun and everyone was equally as excellent as each other at it.


I wasn’t losing.

Well, you can’t technically lose until you’ve finished the game and they ‘unfortunately’ turfed us out when our time was up, before the round was complete so…pity, really.

I guess we’re all winners and there certainly was no loser.



Whilst no one lost bowling, unfortunately the same can’t be said for us getting home. The 10 minute walk took us 45 minutes and I’m quite certain we passed several of the same lakes and trees. Mind you, Katie did say she wanted a walk so we ticked that box for sure and it was absolutely perfect lighting for an early evening meander.

Lovely place, Centerparcs, but they could definitely do with better sign posts and maps. IMG_1511

Back at the villas it was time for the big night out. Pictures say a thousand words, so I guess I’ll leave them to it, and we’ll pick up again when we get to the water park in a bit of a scroll down.




^ you’re not technically allowed hen do’s at Centerparcs (Happy 30th Fi) so we cleverly opted for the American diner for food, where we felt we could probably get away with being a little more rowdy than anything more fancy.IMG_1480


^ our boy band. Obvs.IMG_1484




^ Club closed, festivities (resorting to childhood) continued…

The next morning we headed down to the large water park. To avoid loud and shrieking children, we’d cleverly booked into a little ‘Cabana’ – a little hut for the 12 of us, where we could tuck ourselves away, have a drink and speak in quiet morning-after voices. Having said that, there’s really no better way to clear your head than whizzing down the rapids or water slides, so off we raced!



And then, as with all good things, it came to an end – all too soon, if you ask me.

We took to the road for a far less adrenalin-pumped return journey. IMG_9745Now the countdown to the big day really begins, woooo!

Happy Hen do, Fi! xxx


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