National Afternoon Tea Week. How very British


Last week was National Afternoon Tea Week. What a week?!

Not wanting to miss any of this, I set to work in the kitchen.

I’d give you my recipe but seeing as my (delicious) scones failed to rise, I will wait until i have more success to share the secrets!

I had, until recently, assumed the Tea layout was fairly casual, popping your delicacies as and where they’d fit on the cake stand. Wrong. There is actually a correct order. Always start at the bottom of the cake stand and work your way up in order of course.

Sandwiches on first. Crusts off.

Triangles are best way to get the most from your sarnies but I thought the rectangles felt more fancy. Up to you.

Next up, whether they’ve risen or not, you’ll want to pop your scones.

Jam and cream must be on hand nearby. I personally opt for cream then jam but this is an debate I don’t wish to get any further into!

Finally the sweet treats. I clearly didn’t make these, but as a birthday treat sent to me all the way from Australia, it seemed ok to give them a chance to shine.

If I go for the full shebang next time, il test out homemade macaroons for the top floor.

What would you do differently?


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